Friday, April 18, 2008

Progressive dye test

This test is based on the idea that different dye colors stick to yarn at different rates. Here, I used black McCormick food dye which is made up of red, blue, and yellow primary dye colors mixed together. I put the black dye into a pot with some vinegar, then put an entire skein in there for a few minutes. Then pulled out 1/5 of the yarn, waited a little longer, pulled out another segment of yarn, etc.

This left the yarn various shades of maroon, which was not my favorite, so I overdyed the whole thing with some blue, which got me these browns, blacks, and gray colors - much nicer. The yarn I used here was recycled from the wheat colored Polo R.L. sweater a few posts back.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finished Linus blanket

I posted the beginnings (and details) on this blanket previously. Now, 47,520 stitches later (330 rows x 144 across) it is done - whew! You can see all five colors (2 greens, 2 blues, and a purple) in the pictures. I like taking pictures of projects when they're not necessarily all neatly laid out - hence the second picture - lots of interesting texture. (The purple looks different in the two pictures; reality is somewhere between the two).