Sunday, December 10, 2006

Drop stitch scarf

Sometimes when you are knitting, a stitch will accidentally fall off the knitting needle, and start unravelling. This is a bad thing, especially if you don't catch it right away. But dropped stitches can also be used to advantage, as I found with this scarf.

For a drop stitch scarf, you first knit a scarf with the most basic garter stitch (first photo). Then right before the end, you purposely drop stitches off the needle, and bind off the ones remaining. You can drop every other stitch, or once every two stitches, etc - various combinations produce various results. Finally, you pull those dropped stitches down to the bottom. This rapidly and dramatically and changes the texture of the scarf (bottom photo), from tight and dense to lacy and pliable.

Though I love the final product, I think I may end up unravelling this one, and use the yarn for something else. Yarn: Plymouth Encore Chunky, 75% acrylic, 25% wool. The first photo is a better representation of the true color of this yarn.