Sunday, January 13, 2008

$6.99 Goodwill sweater

Many knitters start out thinking "I'll be able to save *so* much money by knitting my own things". After a while you think back and laugh at your naivete. Wool yarn is expensive, starting at $6/ball and going up from there.

Then I heard about the idea of recycling yarn. Shop at a thrift store, buy a sweater cheap, unravel it, and voila: much inexpensive yarn. Besides saving money I like the idea of recycling and conserving resources.

So this weekend, I bought the sweater here for $6.99 at Goodwill. The tag says "Hand knitted in Greece for Byzantium, 100% wool". It's beautiful wool, and will produce many balls of yarn. Of course on one hand it's hard to justify unraveling because a) it fits me perfectly b) i can not yet knit something this nice.

But since this is an experiment, the unraveling has begun. It's timeconsuming to get the seams apart, but then zips along. More updates to come.